Team Building

Garda On Bike Servizi

Do you know how nice would be to live an unforgettable exciting experience of mountainbiking (expecially downhill!) together with your friends or colleagues and how well it works in order to make your group stronger and more motivated during your job and ordinary life activities?

Not yet? Then you should come to try a downhill ride with us of GardaOnBike!

Consider that we can also organize special events and multi-sport activities, for example biking & rock-climbing or windsurfing and sailing, also paragliding, canyoning and quad adventures are really nice activities to combine with biking... Just tell us more about your group and we will build the very perfect active holiday for you!

For further information don't hesitate to contact us!

Carlo (ITA & ENG): +39 349 2338999
Andrea (DEU): + 39 347 7347396

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