The Maxx






Fitness level:

Very spectacular DH ride unrolling the north side of Monte Velo, THE MAXX is certainly one of the best DH ride around Lake Garda. We use our shuttle bus to reach the top of the mountain afterwards we have to pedal uphill for 20 minutes before the beginning of our track. Time to wear our body gears since - once there - we have to be ready for the hardest part of the ride: a steep rocky section with big roots and some loose rock. Adrenalin is flowing in our veins and trail is very flow too: big fun for us! Starting from 1500 meters over the sea level and ending at 60 meters, this track is a very long DH ride: small drops, roller switchbacks, baby face rocks, sleapery roots... We find everythings on our way and we can always expect more!

Use body gears and bring your GoPro! With DH bikes you push for 20 minutes.


Downhill, Freeride or Enduro

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